Batsy Mobile Game

25 Feb 2019

Download the game here

Batsy is the first mobile game I created. The game is an endless flyer that borrows concepts from a flash game called Copter. In this game you need to fly as far as you can through a cave without hitting anything.

There are obstacles like stalagmites and stalactites that you need to dodge. You can collect power-ups to activate your shield. Once you collect 5 power-ups your shield will be activated. The shield allows you to break through spikes and gives you a second chance.

The power-ups give you 5 points each and when you break a spike it gives you 50 points. This allows you to quickly increase your score. It does come at a risk since you will lose your shield when you break a spike.


One of the biggest challenges was creating the cave walls. To do this I used the inbuilt noise function in Unity to displace the vertices of the cave walls. To make the hit boxes and spikes line up with the walls, I tracked the position of certain vertices.


Looking back on it, I think a better approach would’ve been to generate a mesh since that would make it easier to synchronize the spikes with the cave walls. The current approach is cumbersome and makes it difficult to create spike at the correct position and make them move at the same speed.